Divi Leschi Genus Amo
Ja kocham boski ród Lechitów

W naszym szabrowanym unijnym baraku obce koncerny mają prawo wywłaszczać z
Lechitów podwójną dawką
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Novum lumen chemicum. English. A new light of alchymie : taken out of the fountaine of nature, and manuall experience : to which is added a treatise of sulphvr / written by Micheel Sandivogius, i.e. anagram matically, Divi Leschi Genus Amo : also nine books of the nature of things, written by Paracelsus, viz. of the generations, growths, conservations, life, death, renewing, transmutation, separation, signatures of naturall things : also a chymicall dictionary explaining hard places and words met withall in the writings of Paracelsus, and other obscure authors ; all which are faithfully translated out of the Latin into the English tongue, by J.F., M. D.

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